So who is BiG?

The BiG Scuba Podcast is an independent and free podcast dedicated to the world of diving hosted by two friends: Ian Last and Gemma Kemp with their associated YouTube channel ABiGCHAT.

The podcast was set up in 2019 by Ian Last closely followed by the ABiGCHAT. Originally, Ian was on another UK podcast. However, when the podcast came to the end, he had got the bug to carry on and start anew. 

Along came Gemma Kemp, a keen gym buddy like himself and with a passion to try anything new, especially if it involved water. 

They both have various experiences and skill-sets in scuba diving. From being a non – diver all the way up to being a Divemaster. 

They do not proclaim to be experts in every field of scuba diving, however, they love sharing their experiences with new divers, seasoned scuba addicts, non-divers and anyone else who gets hooked into listening!

The BiG Scuba Podcast covers various subjects and discussions from marine conservation, health and fitness, dive gear to current diving and industry-related topics/news. 


Our Mission is to:

Provide listeners with some valuable advice and information, marine conservation, encourage safe fun diving and promote more women to become scuba divers.  

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Is a PADI Dive Master with 5 Years of
diving under his weight belt.

Ian is a dad of Harvey and Honey("Scuba Honey") gym fan and natural charmer. He is a hard-working landscaper, who owns his own business and looks after many clients in the regional area. Come rain or shine he’s always on hand to help.

Ian started his scuba journey over five years ago. And since then he has been qualified as a Divemaster for three of those years.


Originally he was a co-host and founder of a popular UK based scuba podcast until it’s final show in 2019. Possessing a ton of enthusiasm and risqué jokes, he wanted to reignite the UK scuba podcast and so he created The B.i.G Scuba Podcast. And asked Gemma to join him .

Ian learned to dive in the UK and has traveled to warmer climates such as the Red Sea.


Recently he went on his first liveaboard, bitten by the reef diving bug, plans to explore more dive locations further afield.


Is just starting out her Scuba Journey which started in January 2020

Gemma (aka GymGem or Beach Bum) is 46 but feels like 20 something! and we think that she always will! She loves to keep active in the gym, horse riding, kayaking, SUP, sailing, and her newest adventure is Scuba Diving.


Gemma started her Open Water qualification in February 2020 and she will be qualified by May 2020.


Ian is her gym buddy and a great friend who is always sharing a great diving story, so much so that it rubbed off onto Gemma to give it a go. This is when Ian introduced the podcast scene to her.


She works for a Seafood Distribution company called Direct Seafoods Colchester, as a Business Development Manager selling all things seafood to catering establishments...  so she’s destined to be in the ocean among the fish and shellfish!   


Sustainability of fish stocks and marine conservation is a crucial and key part of her role, so she is passionate about all things ocean-related.   


Her parents made sure summer holidays were spent on the beach or by the river. They have been a great influence on her. 


Gemma is at her happiest when on the beach, by the sea or on or under the water. 


To her “Water is life”


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