12th March 2021

NEW LOOK WEBSITE:  Our new BiG Scuba is up and running.  We now feature our BiG Affiliate Partners, Bat Phone and you will be able to hear the latest episodes, contact us and visit our new BiG Scuba shop. Plus keep up to date with whats happening and whos coming on next on The BiG Scuba Podcast.  As always please share with your friends and let us know what you think.


Cross Fit Open 2021:  If you follow Gemma and Ian you will know they love their sports and gym time.  This year for the first time Gemma and Ian have both decided to enter the International Crossfit Open games which starts today!  Not sure what Crossfit is?  Checkout the link at the end of this news item.  Diver fitness is really important to the BiG Team, let us know how you keep fit especially through lockdowns.

14th March 2021


Entale Podcast Platform:  The BiG Scuba Podcast joins Entale on their new innovative platform where clickable links to subjects discussed on the podcast automatically pop up for listeners to follow. Entale is new and only on Apple based phones but they have plans in place to add on to Android by the end of the year. Check them out today and download us there.

15th March 2021

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BiG Scuba joins LinkedIn:  The BiG Scuba Podcast joins the LinkedIn platform  as we look to build upon our existing BiG Scuba Business reach and develop stronger links with our existing partners and connect with other innovative and environmental aware brands who share our love for our watery world.  Checkout our profile here

24th March 2021

roz on big scuba.png

Rosemary E Lunn: BiG Scuba Gemma and Ian are excited to record for the first time with Rosemary and field 5 questions today for Rosemary to answer on the next episode.  Rosemary is highly respected lady of the scuba diving world and industry.  

Rosemary’s diving career began in 1992, firstly with PADI before crossing over to BSAC, where she spent every possible weekend underwater. Roz turned Professional in 1997, and has dived and taught in many areas of the World including the USA, Europe, Turkey, Egypt and of course the UK.

In 1998 she was asked to write a short article for the first edition of Dive Girl magazine about her favourite piece of diving equipment. Her writing style was quickly picked up by other diving Editors and this resulted in a number of pieces being commissioned.  She wrote regularly for 990 and Beyond the Blue Magazine where she gained a good reputation as a diving journalist. Today she is a regular contributor to XRay Magazine and writes for a number of diving magazines and blogs.

In 2000 Roz helped set up a UK dive centre from scratch; before working on two National Geographic HMHS Britannic Expeditions and with History Channel’s Deep Sea Detectives.

Rosemary has an excellent reputation for event management.  She organised the 2011 and 2012 Uk Diving Industry Trade Show and Rebreather Forum 3.  Rosemary also co-founded / co-organised the European advanced and technical diving Conference and Exhibition; EUROTEK.08, EUROTEK.2010, EUROTEK.2012 and EUROTEK.2014 and established TEKDiveUSA.  Current projects include EUROTEK.2016.

If you have some questions you would like us to put to Roz then Email us here or Whatsapp them to +44 7810 005924

4th April 2021

download.png Theres a new BiG Scuba partner we would like to share with you.  Ocean-friendly, made with certified 100% organic cotton.  Made with entirely renewable energy and eco-friendly inks.  Delivered in zero-plastic packaging (with free, no-quibble returns)  Plus if you order any custom designed clothing you can use our promo code and save yourself 20% by using code 'BIGSCUBA'  Just go to and order yours!

14th April 2021
logo.png Another new brand to join The BiG Scuba and we have created some videos to compliment this new partnership.  (Link below) .  Designed with style, functionality and sustainability in mind, Hapi Bottles are the ideal replacement for single use plastic cups and bottles. You won't want to leave home without one.  Hapi Bottles are lightweight, leakproof and lockable. The double walled insulation ensures beverages stay refreshingly cold for up to 24 hours or wickedly hot for up to 12 hours. A perfect hydration companion for work, exercise or on the beach. Order your Hapi Bottle and use our promo code and save yourself 20% by using code 'BIGSCUBA'  Just go to      and order yours!

BiG Scuba Youtube Unboxing :

29th April 2021

The BiG Scuba Podcast became the first British Podcast to be granted a International Standard Serial Number for its episodes with The British Library  ISSN 2752-6127


If you have a product or service and would like us to review or unbox on our BiG Scuba platform then we would like to hear from you!