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Gemma & Ian invite you checkout our site, we have links to our podcasts, Youtube and BiG store.   

The BiG Scuba Podcast is an independent and free podcast dedicated to the marine world, active healthy lifestyle and having fun under the water and on the water.  Hosted by two friends,  Ian Last and Gemma Kemp with their associated  social media channels.


The podcast was set up in 2019 by Ian.  Gemma is a new diver progressing her way along the scuba path and Ian is currently a PADI Divemaster with aproximately 300 dives for their local dive centre in Norwich.

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They do not proclaim to be experts in every field of scuba diving, however, they love sharing their experiences with new divers, seasoned scuba addicts, non-divers and anyone else who gets hooked into listening!

The BiG Scuba Podcast covers various subjects and discussions from marine conservation, health and fitness, dive gear to current diving and industry-related topics/news. We love to share our many BiG Adventures which includes their love of diving, paddleboaring and kayaking.

Our Mission is to:
Provide listeners with some valuable advice and information, marine conservation, encourage safe fun diving and promote more women to become scuba divers.  

We hope you enjoy the show!


Ian is the “i” in the The BiG Scuba Podcast. Ian was involved in a podcast which ran for just a year and then disbanded but as he enjoyed podcasting and could see the opportunities, he decided to put those experiences into creating The BiG Scuba and the content with Gemma, a friend and co-host.  Ian joins Gemma on the mic, camera and behind the scenes helping to create audio and videos.

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Gemma is the “G” in the The BiG Scuba Podcast.  If I could go back in time 12 years to now. I wouldn’t recognize this Gemma today to the past Gemma. 

I am now 47 and I still feel 20 something. I feel younger than I did 12 years ago which sounds crazy but it’s down to lifestyle I guess. I moved to the UK coast 12 years ago.

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