Ian is the “i” in the The BiG Scuba Podcast. Ian was involved in a podcast which ran for just a year

and then disbanded but as he enjoyed podcasting and could see the opportunities, he decided

to put those experiences into creating The BiG Scuba and the content with Gemma, a friend and

co-host.  Ian joins Gemma on the mic, camera and behind the scenes helping to create audio

and videos.


                                                Ian is in his own words, forever 26 and has no plans to go slowly, always on the go

                                                and leaning on the positives of life.  Dad to Harvey and Honey and both are PADI

                                                Seal Team divers.  'Scuba Honey' has joined us on BiG Scuba adventures on the

                                               water and has helped us with beach cleaning, creating marine art and interviewed NASA Astronaut Mike                                                 Fincke on behalf of her school on the BiG Scuba.

Ian began diving May 2015 and got the scuba diving bug and loved the freedom of diving and making new friends in the surface intervals.  Ian continued to dive and get involved in his local scuba diving club Christal Seas Scuba in Norwich and naturally built up his diving experience and qualified as a PADI Divemaster in 2016 with about 300 plus dives from diving in the UK, Mexico and Red Sea and loves helping others learn and progress in their scuba journey. Ian is a PADI Divemaster,  It was natural to share this with good friend Gemma and encourage Gemma to take those first steps into the water in 2019, Divemaster on her Open Water course and scuba buddy since then.  Like everyone else, diving for us was affected by National Lockdowns.

Ian is born and bred in sunny Norfolk and loves the great outdoors.  Feeling at home at the waterside

with family trips to the beach, his local beaches are Walberswick and Southwold to Cromer and

Blakeney on the East coast of the UK.  Ian can be found if not under the water but on the water in a

kayak or stand up paddleboard exploring the local waterways and coastline.  A fan of regular fitness

at the gym or crossfitting at his local Crossfit Box.

Ian has loved chatting to all the BiG Scuba guests from all around the globe and more is planned.  Not

a natural with technology Ian has used the BiG experience to learn new skills on social media,

website design and using underwater cameras.  As we begin to exit lockdown, as BiG Scuba we are

looking forward to getting back under and on the water making more content and we invite businesses to join us in making affiliate business partnerships.


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BiG Scuba Ian

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