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Listed below our books that we have featured on The BiG Scuba Podcast.  You can buy them from Amazon.  If you are an author and you would like us to feature your book and discuss it on the show, then please contact us at BiG Scuba.


The Sea Lions of Los Isotes: The Jewel of Espiritu Santo Island - By Luke Inman, Foreword by Steve Backshall.  Visitors cannot help but be enchanted by the local sea lions of Los Islotes.  They emanate finesse and charm without a hint of illusion or wizardry.  Click on the image to find out more and buy your copy! Release date 25th October

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We featured diver and author Will Appleyard in episode 44 in November 2020 to discuss Will's new book "Wild and Temperate Seas" which we discussed and then invited the contributors of the book to take part in the following epiosde, episode 45 which was released in November 2020.  You can download each episode here on our website.

From highlands to islands, wrecks to reefs and caves, Wild and Temperate Seas is a new-style guide which will whet your appetite for UK diving. These are over 50 personal favourites at some of the UK's most popular underwater destinations. Dorset Dives author Will Appleyard and his team of experienced collaborators share their picks as they showcase our beautiful coastal locations. Many of the dive sites featured in this new guide already appear regularly in avid UK divers' log books. Others are visited by only those with local knowledge and some rarely see divers at all. 

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We featured diver and author Kris Mears in episode 107 in February 2022 to discuss Kris's new book "Confessions Of A Divemaster"   You can download this episode here on our website.

Strap in for the global escapades of a scuba diving fanatic who swapped the streets of Wales for some of the most exotic locations on the planet. The diving bug took hold while backpacking through Australia and South East Asia. The journey continued into South and Central America, ending on a small island off Honduras. While there joined a tribe of scuba professionals, who survived on rum and baledas while earning $10 a day. Over the next ten years the world then opened up, working in resorts and liveaboards in The Maldives, Palau and the Philippines. 

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We featured divers Sean Sizeland and Ellia Driver who are based in Norfolk and know this book very well. In episode 125 in July 2022 to discuss need to have book "The Ship-Wrecks off North Norfolk"    You can download this episode here on our website.

With information covering over 150 vessels wrecked off the North Norfolk Coast this book will be of interest to divers and ship enthusiasts alike. As far as possible. everything is covered from building to loss and includes other vessels involved. An index covering over 400 vessels, accounts of tragedies which took place together with a chronology of the Second World War fought in the Southern North Sea makes this a remarkable record. A must for all diving and nautical bookshelves.

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We have chatted to author, TV presenter and diver Miranda Krestovnikoff about UK diving, her passion for marine wildlife and her books, Scuba Diving that she co authored with fellow TV presenter Monty Halls and The Sea.  You can find our conversations with Miranda in Episode 23 July 2020 & Episode 128 August 2022 You can download these episodes here on our website.

Explore an incredible collection of narratives, featuring fascinating facts and stories about the world's deepest seas and oceans.

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We have chatted to Canadian author, explorer and diver Jill Heinerth about her love of the sea, diving techniques, diving in a Ice Berg and much more.  You can find our conversations with Jill in Episodes 14, June 2020 & Episode 24, August 2020 You can download these episodes here on our website.

From one of the world’s most renowned cave divers, a firsthand account of exploring the Earth’s final frontier: the hidden depths of our oceans and the sunken caves inside our planet.

More people have died exploring underwater caves than climbing Mount Everest, and we know more about deep space than we do about the depths of our oceans. From one of the top cave divers working today - and one of the very few women in her field

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We have chatted to author, award winning underwater photographer and diver Alex Mustard MBE about getting started in underwater photography and mixing it with diving plus much more.  You can find our conversations with Alex Episodes 47 & 48 December 2020. You can download these episodes here on our website.

Reefs: This pioneering new volume of underwater photography reveals the coral reefs of the world as you have never seen them before, through revolutionary natural-light filter photography and a marine biologist's revelatory understanding of reef life behaviour.

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We have chatted to author and diver Stratis Kas about his diving, his own close call in a cave plus how he got the idea of this book with the support of the wider diving community.  You can find our conversation with Stratis in Episodes 58, January 2021. You can download these episodes here on our website.

A collection of life changing stories from the industry's greatest, 

If they made mistakes you will too.  In diving, like any other activity, people who excel exist. Driven and known for their passion, talent and dedication. People who inspire, who act as examples and eventually become idols. They are the reason why we travel to another country or continent just to hear them speak. The ones we think about when trying to justify the hours and money we spend in diving. 

They are our inspiration and our motivation.


Early on in the podcast we spoke to wreck diver and Shadow Diver John Chatterton about seeing the Titanic, Britanic and other wrecks in  Episodes 10 & 11, in May 2020 . You can download these episodes here on our website.

Titanic's Last Secrets: The Further Adventures of Shadow Divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler.  After rewriting history with their discovery of a Nazi U-boat off the coast of New Jersey, legendary divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler decided to investigate the great enduring mystery of history's most notorious shipwreck: Why did Titanic sink as quickly as it did?  To answer the question, Chatterton and Kohler assemble a team of experts to explore Titanic, study its engineering, and dive to the wreck of its sister ship, Brittanic, where Titanic's last secrets may be revealed.

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This book is by polar explorer, diver and TV presenter Paul Rose. We spoke to Paul in   Episode 53, in December 2020 . You can download these episodes here on our website.

Oceans: Exploring the Hidden Depths of the Underwater World Hardcover.  The oceans are the single most important feature of our planet. They shape our climate, our culture, our future. Yet we know more about the surface of Mars than we do about Earth's watery depths.  What lies below the frozen Arctic ice-sheets? Or in the intriguing black holes under the Caribbean Sea?

richard garriott.jpg

This book by the ultimate explorer, astronaught, plus has been to the deepest oceans of the world and to the Titanic.  Richard Garriott talks about his life and his drive to explore the extreme frontiers in Episodes 71 & 72 May 2021.  You can download these episodes here on our website.

Explore/Create: My Life in Pursuit of New Frontiers, Hidden Worlds, and the Creative Spark.  Richard has also pushed the limits of human experience. A lifelong adventurer, he has plumbed the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to see the remains of the Titanic and hunted for meteorites in Antarctica, and in 2008 he became one of the first private citizens to travel into space.

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This book by author, wreck diver and underwater photographer Rick Ayrton.  Rick created this book with stunning photographs exploring Titanics sister ship Britanic.  Look for our episode with Rick in episode 109 in February 2022.  You can download these episodes here on our website.

Expedition Britannic: Diving Titanic's Sister Ship.  What does it take to dive Titanic's sister ship? This huge vessel from a bygone golden age of ocean travel lies at over 100 metres (330') below the surface. It is not a dive for the faint-hearted. Requiring meticulous planning, precise execution and good conditions, only the most capable technical divers will ever experience it.

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This book by British freediving Instructor Emma Farrell.  We chatted with Emma and John Vickers about their involvement with the Blue Abyss in Cornwall.  Recorded in episode 78, June 2021. You can download these episodes here on our website.

One Breath A Reflection of Freediving - A signed book with personalised message of your choice sent from the author Emma Farrell. Unsigned copies also available. One Breath is THE ORIGINAL, CLASSIC freediving book, written by Emma Farrell with photographs by Frederic Buyle, and provides amazing insight into the world’s most fascinating and enigmatic of sports.

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Running up to the 80th anniversary of the attack of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and the sinking of USS Arizona.  We chatted to Dave Conlin who is a diver manages the National Park Services Submerged Resources Centre,  He talks about diving the Arizona and how their tests help preserve the wreck for generations to come.  Download Episode 102 Recorded in December 2021. You can download these episodes here on our website.

Beneath Pearl Harbor: USS Arizona - Underwater Views of an American Icon -


Gemma and Ian talk to Homer Hickman a world class scuba diver and New York Times best-selling author of Rocket Boys, the most read book in U.S. schools.  You can find this epiode in 116 recorded in April 2022.  You can download these episodes here on our website.

Rocket Boys 

hree years in the life of Homer ‘Sonny’ Hickam, from the moment he sees the Sputnik satellite overhead in West Virginia to his successful launch of a prizewinning rocket.  In 1957, Coalwood, West Virginia, was a town the post-war boom never quite reached, and dominated by the black steel towers of the mine. 

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Gemma and Ian have a fascinating chat with Alexzandra Hildred, Head of Research and Curator of Ordnance and Human Remains at the Mary Rose Trust.  You can find this epiode in 121 recorded in June 2022.  You can download these episodes here on our website.

Tudor Warship Mary Rose (Anatomy of The Ship)  The great warship the Mary Rose was built between 1509 and 1511 and served 34 years in Henry VIII's navy before catastrophically sinking in the Battle of the Solent on 19 July 1545. A fighting platform and sailing ship, she was the pride of the Tudor fleet. Yet her memory passed into undeserved oblivion - until the remains of this magnificent flagship were dramatically raised to the surface in 1982 after 437 years at the bottom of the Solent.

chantelle newman.jpg

Gemma and Ian chat to Chantelle Newman .  Chantelle is the DAN Europe Area Manager for the UK and Ireland.  We hear about her diving, aspects of DAN and her connection with WDHOF(Women Divers Hall of Fame.)  You can find this epiode in 123 recorded in June 2022.  You can download these episodes here on our website.

Linden the Mermaid (Girls Super Power Series)  Linden the Mermaid is a real-life Mermaid.
This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of Linden and her adventures working with Children and protecting the Ocean.

New Book Release!

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