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Ford E- Transit Trend and our experience 
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Ford E-Transit Trend 350 L3 H2  - This was our first trip away in the Ford E-Transit Trend.   This van was the L3 H2 so long wheelbase and high roof.  With Ford's 68kwh Battery 135kw/184PS 1 Speed motor Auto RWD.  This van is in "Grey Matter" paint colour. With a Ford domestic 3 pin capable charger cable and paint this van's on the road price is £53,390 plus VAT.

We had used the van all week for commuting, going to Crossfit in Gt Yarmouth, filming trips for creating social media and recording our podcast episode with Ford representaives from Ford Press and Sustainability Manager to talk about how Ford are making the world a better place.  See our "Episodes" section on this website to download.  

Durring the weekend we took the van to Stoney Cove for a diving trip.  Although, the van can cope with much more load then we had to put inside it, we was really interested in how the van was going to perform on our long trip, a round trip of aproximately 285 miles.  There are 3 driving modes with the E-Transit and for most of the week we had used it in "Normal" and then for our diving trip we used it in "Eco".  The other driving mode availble is "Slippery" for more wintry conditions.  We found in Eco mode our driving economy was at its best with the vans expectred range matching actual miles covered..  The van has a lot of kit as standard, with a auo gearbox, cruise control, lane assist, auot dimming headlights, heated seats, climate and auto wipers.  Even though this is a big van it drove very much like a car.  

It was a great day out to Stoney Cove and some nice diving.  We got home after a long day and still felt fine from our journey.  Charging is really easy too with the charging port located at the front of the van it makes life easier at the fast charging stations or at home.   We believe this van would be a good consideration for those looking for a van to convert to a self build campervan .  The range, sustainable living mixed with the reliabile name of Ford makes this a good choice for those looking for their next conversion project.


The other good news is the Ford Pass App which you can link to your Ford E-Transit and keep an eye on your charging process whilst you are relaxing with a coffee.  You can also start the heater in the van to get the van warm for you on a cold day before you get in and book your next service.  Overall we really enjoyed this van and thank you again to Ford Motors UK for this opportunity.  

If you want to know more about the E-Transit or any other vehicle for your next diving wagon go here

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