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Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV 68kWh Stoney Divemaster weekend, EV Test and Paddleboarding trip.

Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV 68kWh  -WoW what a car! When this car was delivered it caused a stir in our close with our neighbours.  In red this car strikes a stunning pose!  Quick, the fully electric motors make this car swift especially mid range exceleration.  We used this car for a diving teaching weekend with our friends at Christ Seals Scuba (Norwich) and spent the weekend with it at Stoney Cove.  This car was fully loaded with dive gear.  The range ;ike all EV's at the moment is a factor you need to be aware of but everything inside the car like the Kuga ST is automatic.  Comfortable on long journeys the following weekend we took the car to place we know well for a paddleboarding trip.  Theres so much luggage space at the bsck however, Ford have thought about us water lovers as at the front under the bonnet theres a wet storage area with drainage which is the perfect place to store your wetsuits and other wet kit for the journey home.  

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